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On April 9, 1969, Radio Anguilla began broadcasting from the Agricultural building in the Valley for the British occupation on the island who had donated the equipment.

However, the need to communicate with Anguillians eventually led to a gradual shift in the focus of Radio Anguilla which was able to refute misinformation and to begin a well-needed service to the island.



Health Planner stresses importance of strengthening HIU
Nov 22nd, 2010

Health Planner Mr. Lynrod Brooks is stressing the importance of strengthening the Health Information Unit (HIU)in Anguilla. His remarks come at the heels of the recent conclusion of a two-day workshop on Basic Indicators and Data Analysis in Public Health in Barbados.  The Health Planner says strengthening the Unit is important so that Anguilla is not only in the best possible position ...

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